Sunday mornings...

have been one of the times I look forward to the most in my week for nearly as long as I can remember.

However, working at a church has greatly affected the way I look at church...hopefully for the better.

I've come to realize that my time spent in a service on a Sunday morning really isn't about me. In fact, anyone who attends church on Sunday & only thinks about themselves is really missing the point.

It's not about if worship was too long/short/loud/quiet, if the offering message inspired/offended me, if the message was too long/short/irrelevant/spiritual, if the coffee was too strong/weak...etc.

Church is not about you, or me for that matter.

I will never forget as a young girl overhearing a conversation where someone said something like, "when you go to church you should be asking God how you can bless someone else, not how you can get blessed." There is so much truth in that statement! Because church isn't about an individual, church is really all about Jesus.

The greatest commandment is to love God & the second is to love others (Matt 22:38-39). There is nothing in there about I, or me...it's all about Him & everyone else.

How many times do people totally miss the point (even leaders!), when suddenly our own agenda, how WE want the 1.5 hours on a Sunday morning to look overrides anything else.

Truth be told, "the person who has the power to give a blessing is greater than the one who is blessed." (Heb 7:7)

When you attend church with an attitude of what you're going to GIVE rather then what you're going to GET, I guarantee what you'll receive in the end is far better then a Sunday service meeting your checklist.

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