what does your character say?

I've been thinking about character quite a bit lately. We all know that actions speak louder then words. What you do & who you are has more weight then what you say. It's hard to listen intently to what someone is saying when you've come to know & experience the opposite through their actions.

As a result I've been hugely challenged to make the way I act matches up with the words I speak. Although I'm not perfect, I certainly want to be someone who lives & speaks with integrity.

I want my life to be one where the things I SAY I value are actually the things I SHOW value towards. I want my life to be one where people aren't left confused & second guessing what I actually mean.

I want my life to be one where unconditional love prevails over judgement. This means that when I notice someone who's actions don't line up with their words rather then dismissing, slandering, or judging I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt & love them regardless...

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