242 more sleeps...

...until I'm a Furukawa.

I'm engaged to the most amazing man on the planet! He has a heart after God, and is truly the man of my dreams. My checklist is basically fulfilled:
1.pastor (not in the actual paid sense, but he does have a very pastoral heart...and there are those who are trying...haha)
2.surfer (he tried and succeeded in Australia!)
3.cowboy (I have seen him on a horse...and he was quite comfortable, by some people's standards)
4.rich (as far as money goes...we're working on it)
5.able to play guitar (you better believe it and he's actually very good at it!)
6.able to kill a gross and disgusting things that gross me out and try to attack and kill me by eating me! (ask him sometime about the bug as big as my head that he killed).

Matthew James is quite perfect really...and I'm hugely blessed by him, and at times feel quite inadequate and undeserving of someone so wonderful, but then I realize that he's exactly what I've always asked God for because he gets along so well with my family and is my BEST FRIEND.

In case you didn't know, I'm SO excited!

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Princess Jones said...

you are greatly blessed my dear.