On the other side of the world.

My brother has been in Japan for the past two weeks. It's been quite the past two weeks waiting for e-mails and excitedly reading messages on facebook. I now know what it feels like...

From January 2005 until January 2007 I was in Australia. I have a new understanding of how my mum was, waiting for me to log onto Skype or MSN or to write a new blog or e-mail.

It's interesting being on the other side of the world. I'm excited for the day when my sister gets to be the one on the other end...experiencing something new...while we all wait around the computer or phone for news of the world unknown to us.

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Joh said...

i'm truly loving your new blog.

catherine Jayne Furukawa....sounds like a great plan ;)

miss you madly. we have to skype soon so i can update you about the happenings of my life seeing my blog doesn't really cut it in that area and hear more about yours!!

ok. we have to plan for it again ok.

love you.