What's in a name (or title)

So, I recently heard of someone who was asked to take a "step backwards". This person had a job which is a sense gave her much "power," and their boss felt there needed to be some adjusting and asked them to take over a new area which gave them less "power". Knowing this person a bit...or at least knowing about them caused me to ask...how did they deal with it...

"Not too well."

This SO challenged me, because although this person may not have the same "power" or "pull" they're in a place of HUGE influence still, and they didn't take it well?

How much value do we place on a title? Do we esteem the "position" more then what we're doing while sitting in that place?

Here's something funny, I've heard this person speak before and they have said on numerous occasions that it doesn't matter what your position is, just as long as you're doing it with all your heart and building that which you are apart of. Interesting...maybe it's time to start practicing what we preach.

Maybe I need to re-evaluate what I'm preaching and make sure I'm living it as well.

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