every day a celebration.

The past few weeks have been eventful and full of celebration.

Two Saturday's ago I celebrated my 22nd year with my family. We were also informed of the death of one my great uncle's that day...

This past Friday was a celebration of my mum's 50 years of life. She tells everyone she's got another 40 to go.

Today I will be celebrating my great uncle's life that was very well lived.

Tomorrow, will be a celebration of my parents 30 years in marriage.

I'm learning more and more that everyday is precious. Every second of my life is to be cherished and used wisely.

When I was in high school one of my favorite quotes was "a minute spent angry is 60 seconds of wasted happiness." How true...

Today as I said good-bye to my husband he held me in his arms and told me that loved me. I'm glad we said good-bye like that because (God forbid) it be the last time we see each other.

I'm realizing its not worth it to hold grudges, to be easily offended, to get the last cut in, to want to get revenge...

Today I'm choosing to celebrate and cherish the moments I have. I resolve to use the time I have wisely...to TAKE TIME to give
a smile,
a hug,
a word of encouragement...
to slow down and just celebrate the people I love and the moments I have.

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michael lewis said...

Who's going to change Cindy's diaper in another 10 years?