They Get It

I was at an elementary school this morning. I'm part of something called Character Connex.

"Character Connex is a school assembly program developed specifically to teach good character traits to your students. This high-energy program captures all the senses, featuring video, skits, puppets, games, illusions, and audience participation. Character Connex helps students leave with a better understanding of why honesty, kindness, respect, responsibility, as well as other good character traits are important to exercise and cherish."

Even though our assembly went great (we presented Preseveance today), and the children were very receptive the greatest part for me was something that had absolutely nothing to do with me, or with our team. It had to do with kids...

Before we were even given the stage the school presented some awards and such. One of the awards was presented to a man from a charitable organization, although it was so much an award but a gift. This man received a thank you card from the grade 1 & 2 students for the presentation he shared with them. He was also presented with a check for over $2000 to send to children in developing country. $2000 was collected from the grade 1 & 2 students in two weeks!!!
I was moved to tears by this presentation (partly because I'm just a big sissy). These kids showed the whole school that they care about social justice, that they see what's going on in their world and they're not going to stand for it.

I've heard it said that this younger generation is selfish, spoiled, and have not been taught manners. You cannot look at these grade 1 & 2 children and tell me that they are selfish, spoiled, and have poor manners...

Interestingly enough, my husband & I have joined a company of people who care about the starving Haiti and Africa. We've made a stand that today we will fast in honor of those who have no choice but to not eat, and all the money that we would be spending on food we are instead sending to an organization that will feed children who are starving.

Just so you know, there is a generation that cares for the needs of others.

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