he's speaking my language

No I’m not talking about my husband Matt (although he does speak my language and does quite an incredible job of it!). I’m talking about Dr. Wess Stafford, the President & CEO of Compassion International.

I’ve just finished reading ‘Too Small to Ignore: Why Children Are the Next Big Thing’.
“The leader of Compassion International shares his inspiring boyhood adventures growing up in an African village and challenges us all to change the world – ONE CHILD AT A TIME. Why are children easy to ignore in the busy mainstream of human life? They rarely cry out if overlooked-or worse, traumatized or abused. Yet it is vial for the future of humanity that we make children a priority in every area of life. That’s the battle cry of Dr. Wess Stafford who heads up Compassion Internationl, the highly regarded international ministry to children. In this moving manifesto, he speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. With inspiring true stories, Stafford delivers compelling argument for championing children worldwide. Children are victimized by war, pornography, and prostitution, as well as by lack of funding, feeding, education, and protecting. Yet in a few short years, the world’s challenges will be theirs to manage. Now is the time to act on their behalf and invest in children because they are Too Small to Ignore.”

If you don’t have a heart or concern for children, reading this book will surely change your point of view. It’s not really a secret that I’m passionate about kids worldwide. Reading this book totally reiterated my heart for children and re-fueled my passion for the children of the world.

This book definitely come highly recommended by moi, although I’d like to slightly alter the title to ready ‘Why Children Are a Big Thing.’ We keep talking about how children are the future church…I’d like to challenge that thinking by saying that children play a crucial role in the church TODAY! But if your mind is in fact in the place where you are thinking that children are the future, please put some actions behind your thoughts (or possibly words as well) and treat them with dignity, respect, nurture and love, for if they are indeed our future we better better be taking incredibly good care of them...and not just OUR children, but the children of the world. The destiny of this planet rests in their hands...

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