If I were in Australia

I'd be 22 right now.

It's my birthday tomorrow. 22 years old. Wow.

It's weird to think that I'm at the age that I once dreamed of, doing things that just a few years ago I was wishing would become a reality, or in some cases doing things that I thought were impossible!!!

I remember being in high school and day dreaming of the day that I'd be in Australia. Who knew that my first two years out of high school would be spent doing exacting what I was dreaming of all the way through high school?

When I returned from Northern Ireland the summer of 2003 I remember thinking I wanted to be in fulltime children's ministry. There was no way that I thought it would happen within 3 1/2 years.

When I was in grade 10 I had a dream of my wedding. As always with dreams like that I couldn't see the face of my husband, all I knew is that he was my best friend. Three weeks ago that dream also became a reality.

Unreal how the things that were secrets of my heart have become a reality in my life.

Yet not so unreal...

God has an interesting way of making things come together. And all I can say at this point is I can hardly wait for the next 22 years (and more!) of my life. Who knows what's to come next...all I know is that the best is yet to come :)

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