S-Bucks vs. McDick's

I read an interesting article today by Bill Tancer title: "Brewing Battle: Starbucks vs. McDonald's".

My thinking is along the same lines as Tancer when he writes:
"I've always thought of these two chains as polar opposites — one designed as a sophisticated faux living room where customers could get a decent coffee drink and read their newspapers; the other, a riot of plastic-and-vinyl booths and bright fluorescent lighting where meals are counted in billions served. I wondered if it was really possible for these two worlds to collide."

Definitely an interesting read which you can find here.


michael lewis said...

Joanne suggested the other day that Starbucks was in Walmart.


If Starbucks was in Walmart (beside the McDonald's), I would most certainly give up Starbucks immediately!

catherine jayne said...

They have about the same fat content. In fact Starbucks in some cases has more fat.