What a day...and here's to another.

So, Essie was supposed to come yesterday...well, supposed to in my world.

Some mis-communication along the way and a lack of attention to detail on my part sent Matt and I to Calgary yesterday to await the arrival of my dear friend Esnath. After waiting in The Calgary International Airport for 3 hours after flight 851 from London Heathrow landed, and a conversation with Customs, followed by a conversation with Immigration, finally led Matt and I to the Air Canada desk where we learned that Essie wasn't on the flight from London.


One phone call to my mother helped us find our answer...Essie departed on January 10th, and arrives on January 11th.

So, once again The Calgary International Airport is my destination, and today I will have Essie with me finally!

Wow, God has a sense of humor or something...

On a good note: yesterday was a lot of fun with Matt, despite our semi-stressful moment in the airport.

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