Two More Days

In two more days my incredibly good friend Essie will be moving back down the hall from me. Mind you we're in another country this time, and we'll only be living in the same house for two months...

Essie is probably one of the most incredible people in the whole entire world. If you've met her you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't met her you should b/c she'll encourage and inspire you so much.

I first met Essie while I was in Australia. She was a year ahead of me and was involved in TV Media, while I was involved with Hillsong Kids, so we didn't spend much time with each other until I was in my 2nd year of college, and Es in her 3rd.
I moved into 1 Skylark Crct, the same house as beautiful Essie, and from the point on my life has never been the same.
Essie is an incredibly safe place for me. She's a vault, seriously! You tell that woman anything and you can be very sure it will never leave her lips. She's also very good at bringing me back down to earth, which is a good thing for someone who is easily excited!!!

My amazing, beautiful inside and out friend is coming to my amazing country for the first time ever and I can hardly wait!!! AHHHH...two more days!


michael lewis said...


Is she prepared for winter? I believe that even a frigid Sydney winter is quite noticeably different from a Lethbridge winter. Both of which are worlds away from a Malawian winter (do they have seasons there?).

catherine jayne said...

I would say she's somewhat prepared...I've told her it will be below freezing. Poor girl, this will be the biggest shock to her system ever! We will meet her at the airport with winter coat, mittens (made by your amazing, beautiful Joanne!), scarf (made by my incredibly kind grandma), thermal to-go mug full of hot tea, and hopefully winter boots.

As far as seasons...there's the season when it rains, and the other season when it doesn't rain.