computers & God.

My work computer is a MacBook Pro...somewhere along the lines something go hugely messed with the battery and such, and for some reason even though the computer AND the battery said that the battery was fully charged the laptop needed to be plugged in for it to actually work.

WELL...things have suddenly gotten worse b/c now when the computer is on and the battery is fully charged and connected to the laptop it doesn't even recognize the battery...AT ALL!

It's interesting, b/c as I'm sitting here thinking about how stupid the computer must be that it doesn't even recognize the battery...the little thing that keeps it going between being plugged into the power source I've had this thought dropped into my head...sometimes we people are stupid in the same way and don't recognize the Holy Spirit in our lives. It's like, we're plugged into church, and we attend Bible study etc. etc. etc...BUT in the inbetween times we totally forget that we have this continual power source that keeps us going.

Stupid computers...maybe sometimes stupid me...

Anyways...something for ME to mull over...and possibly for you to as well.


michael lewis said...

How dare you blaspheme the Holy Mac!!!


David Rumer said...

how old is your computer? Sounds like a warrantee issue. If it's less than a year old bring it into London Drugs, talk to Zack

catherine jayne said...

It's JUST over a year...but one of the guys who works in the office has contacted Apple and I guess their sending us a new battery. Hopefully that fixes everything!