When I entered my office Sunday morning before church a book sat on my desk 'Magna Messiah.' I casually brushed it to the side (I often have books placed on my desk that TMC receives for free and passes on to us).

Today P.Wayne came in and told me that we're ordering a couple cases of this book...let me tell you about it:

The word 'manga' in Japanese means 'comic'. But 'manga' has really become a artistic style of its own. 'Manga Messiah' (you can check it out here) is the gospel presented in 'manga' format.

Although I'm not a huge fan of 'manga' myself 'Manga Messiah' appears to be a new way to present the gospel to elementary and middle school aged children (and in some cases to adults as well) in a culturally relevant way. And since I'm pretty much all about relevance I suppose its time I start getting into 'manga'....watch out Sailor Moon...here I come ;)


michael lewis said...

Japanese Jesus???

Bring it on!!!

(Can you get me a copy of that?)

David Rumer said...

The basilica in Esquipulas Guatemala is one of the most important religious sites in Central America. Mainly because it has a sculpture of Jesus carved out of dark wood. The dark wood made Jesus look dark and the locals found they could relate to this Jesus more closely than the white Jesus.

Becoming culturally relevant, without losing the truth of the gospel, is one of the most important things for the church to do.