Still learning that it's ok...

So, I'm a bit of a people pleaser...I was a bit more of one about two years ago, and for the most part I've totally overcome that people pleasing battle, but I still have my moments (mostly when I'm lazy) that I slink back into people pleasing mode.

At the moment I'm somewhat in the process of learning that it's ok to be brutally honest about how I'm feeling with the people that I love most. Traditionally I attempt to keep the peace and to keep people close to me happy; the last thing I'd want is for someone who means a lot to me to be upset with me, so I'd rather tell them what they'd like to hear and leave it at that.

I'm also in the process of learning that it is ok to change my mind...I know that my yes is to be yes and my no to be no BUT does this mean that if I say something before I even experience it that my emotions need to remain the same? Or are my feelings allowed to change. I'm also beginning to understand that I can take more time to actually speak my mind to make sure what I'm saying is in fact the truth about how I'm feeling?


Don't worry, I'm confused most of the time myself...and this is supposed to be my life :)


Jody said...

Sweetie, you have figured out what most 40 y/o's don't even come close to. Cut yourself some slack and yes, you are a woman, so it comes with the territory to 'change your mind' on things, especially feelings ;). Love ya!

David Rumer said...

On the topic of people pleasing. It's funny how long it takes to deal with these issues. I know there were major issues in my life that I dealt with back in high school. Today, I still see these things come up in my life. Although not as much.

I wonder if life's struggles are similar to John Nash's issues in "A beautiful mind" He had schizophrenia his whole life. In the end of his story the hallucinations were still there, always there, however, they didn't hold power unless he indulged them.