*Sigh* I miss it...

Last night (at a crazy late hour considering how busy this week has been!) I sat down to watch the Saviour King DVD with my incredibly hot and amazing fiance, and my parents.

...it made me cry.

No, I'm not that spiritual that seeing people worship made me cry (although I have had my moments). It actually made me homesick for Hillsong. And it's not that I don't like where I am. In fact I'm loving life right now. God is so good and faithful. I'm doing what I love. I can't imagine being anywhere else, or doing anything else right now (and I especially love being in the same city at my incredibly hot and amazing fiance!).

BUT, while I was in Australia, Hillsong was more then just Sunday services to me. It was my life. What I watched on the DVD is what I experienced everyday as I entered into the Hub for chapel. It's what I was apart of on Thursday mornings at
hillsongwomen. It's what I did every Friday night at Powerhouse.
Imagine doing that everyday for two years?

So do I miss it?

Would I like to go back?

Do I resent people and circumstances that have brought me back to Canada.
Absolutely NOT!

And until I return to Oz, I will simply enjoy Hillsong via CD's & DVD's.

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