OK, so here's how the story goes...something happened at work that I didn't do, but that I'm responsible for because the people who did it "work under me" (that's leadership, eh?). ANYWAYS, dealing with everything that went down with it frustrates me! I'm not a confrontational person (haha, believe it or not), I don't like conflict. I'd rather just forget this happened and hope that it never happens again. I mean it's an issue...but it's not a HUGE issue. BUT, if the people who did this thing that is wrong will probably continue doing it unless confronted and told not to...right? And this is one of many reasons why being in leadership frustrate and stretches me.

But...I'm learning :)


michael lewis said...

Welcome to your Career!

Unfortunately, you will never be able to get away from the bureaucracy and politiking of Career Life. And yes, it sucks.

catherine jayne said...

Yeah, I'm getting used to it...