something I admire.

My fiance Matthew James is the most amazing man in the world! If you know him you'd agree with me, if you don't know him you must meet him so that you can say you know "the most amazing man in the world."

Let me tell you what he's done recently which makes him absolutely completely amazing...

A friend of ours is spending his summer in Portland doing summer sales, and his parents and brother decided to go for a bit of visit and naturally called "the most amazing man in the world to house/dog/plant/hot tub sit. Why would they call a 20-something year old to do the job? Because he's incredibly responsible and dedicated. You can be sure that Matt isn't going to do something half hearted.

For example...Matt doesn't even like dogs (not usually at least), and while our friend's parents are away he babies these two pups...gives them their special diet, makes trips home during his breaks to make sure they're ok, lets them sit on his lap and sleep with him (?!?). AND, he's always more then willing to watch these two dogs.

Matt is the kind of guy who would give the shirt off his back for you...

or give up part of his long weekend to babysit for you.

Admirable quality...definitely!!!

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